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3Shape Dental Scanner in Midtown

More efficient, precise & comfortable care!

The Trios3 Intraoral Scanner from 3shape optimizes every aspect of care. This remarkable system takes the most accurate and comfortable 3D digital impressions while generating precise dental models for the fabrication of crowns, bridges, partial dentures, nightguards for bruxism, and sleep apnea appliances. As compared to conventional impression procedures, it provides a more pleasant patient experience, yielding more predictable results and consistent treatment outcomes.

A slender scanning wand captures detailed intraoral views

The TRIOS3 Intraoral Scanner lets our office obtain detailed 3D digital impressions of a patient’s teeth and occlusion while delivering the most precise, efficient, and comfortable care. 

By scanning the teeth with an ergonomically designed wand, we can capture and integrate multiple intraoral images from every angle to collect precise data on the teeth, occlusion, and surrounding anatomy. Compatible with several dental software systems, the TRIOS3 Intraoral Scanner facilitates the seamless and efficient generation of dental models, along with the fabrication of custom oral appliances and dental prostheses. 

No more messy dental impressions and more efficient care

All-in-all, the TRIOS3 Intraoral Scanner from 3shape offers a far more efficient, pleasant, and accurate office experience. The collection of digital information means our office can share the data, images, and impressions with the dental laboratory in seconds. This ability significantly reduces the turnaround time for custom prostheses and oral appliances. Plus - if you lose or break an oral appliance, crown, or more extensive dental work, we can often have a new one made to the specifications stored in your digital file.