ImplantsSome of the many procedures that fall under the category of oral surgery are removal of impacted teeth, insertion of dental implants, and cosmetic surgeries. We are also able to diagnose and treat certain conditions through oral surgery.

To learn more about our oral surgery capabilities, please contact us today. We would be happy to inform you about our procedures and educate you about your oral health.


Richard Kim, DDS is ready to treat your Dental Implant needs in New York.

People are always afraid of the term oral surgery! For some oral conditions, there is no option other than oral surgery. One such example is a Dental Implant. We have helped hundreds of people with implants ranging from a single tooth to full mouth restorations.

Learning the procedure:

Before you start with our implant based services, we would like you to learn more about the process. We believe that each patient has different requirements with implants. So, we are likely to use a step by step procedure for covering each patient’s needs.

  • Our services start with an initial consultation. We meet with our patients to learn more about their needs.

  • We discuss reasonable implant options. Each implant option has it advantages. Once you have selected the plan, we will set a date, and time for the treatment.

  • After we are done with the treatment, we will follow up with after care to make sure your teeth are properly maintained.

Always there to help:

Give us a call for Dental Implants Services. We are always happy to address your oral health issues, and offer the right solution for your needs.